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Custom Framing is a Home Furnishing

Custom framing is an integral part of decorating a home or business. In fact, when you buy quality custom framing, it is like purchasing furniture for your walls. Most people allow the style and color scheme of their rooms to dictate the framed art that goes in them. For those who are a bit more adventurous, they enjoy creating their own eclectic style by taking a few risks. You can not mix and match just anything and be successful, but it is definitely possible to mix it up more than you may be doing right now.

When selecting art and framing, your number one goal should be to find something you love. Do not settle for art simply because it matches your color scheme. It the colors do coordinate, that's OK, but it really should match too well because you want it to stand out so it becomes a special accent in the room.

The custom framing selected for art can vary a lot depending on the decor. Any piece of art can be framed many different ways as you see in the examples here. One of those ways is bound to work better with your room than another. Framing serves as a transition between the art and room to help the art looks its best in its situation. Just remember, quality framing can last for generations so make sure it looks great with the art. 

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