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576 Simcoe Street North, Oshawa, Ontario

Suzanne Metz

My work reflects who I am. My fascination with the figure extends from the rendering of form, inspired by multiple means such as drawing from life, imaginative forms and renderings which transpose into a combination of form, line and energy. I use colour to express the emotional content within. By focusing on all these elements, my paintings evoke power and strength. All I need to express of myself somehow gathers together in various ways and presents itself in different aspects at different moments in my life.

My work incorporates pencil, charcoal, pastels, acrylic, graphite, collage and any other dry medium that may catch my eye. I have no rules - oil sticks mixed with water-based paints affects and excites and brings about incredible textures that even I dont know exist! I continue to play experimentally as well as emotively and the process is paramount in my direction I head. The earthy, warm colours of my past history from South Africa always find their way to profoundly influence my works. Recently though, I have been adding new elements of pure colour to my comfortable earthbound hues, and this has added yet another dimension to my art.

In addition to all the experimentation during my process of making art, calligraphy – the art of the written word – plays a significant and imperative role in allowing myself to express more of what I need to say. I read poetry, listen to all types of music, simply hear words that make a difference in my life, and some, all and part of these words find their way into my art...not only immortalizing themselves in my work, but at the same time, allowing purely the mark of the written word to provide an important role in the art piece, both visually and contextually. My newest direction is heading towards graffiti - a perfect means to showcase my reflections of my self and my world.

My playfulness and experimentation with new and exciting processes will always be the leading component of my work and, therefore, the spontaneity and excitement of making art will never be lost. Painting is my passion, it defines who I am, and it is the most prevalent way I wish to share that passion with others. My heart and soul inhabits each piece I create. And it is my hope that each work will somehow touch the viewer emotively or merely visually...a reaction is all that is required to attribute to success!