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576 Simcoe Street North, Oshawa, Ontario

March Gregoroff

“Humanity has aspired to a great many things, and we have all benefited from that aspiration. However, when we bring our assumptions, plans and desires to human relations, we are forever betrayed, not by our friends and loved ones, but by our misplaced expectations of others.”

March Gregoroff considers her work as based upon the fundamental human tendency of Anticipation and Disappointment, and the resultant joy when we free ourselves of this cyclical burden; therefore, she attempts to use her paintings to make the Buddhist thought more accessible to art lovers on a visceral level – to be understood visually, without betting into the Verbal.

“…The ripe fruit, on the point of decay, and the prettily decomposing backgrounds of my work represent that tipping point of joyful anticipation and the ugly reality of all our dreams gone wrong. I find that food and the way I show it is the natural expression for all of the concepts that guide my own life; concepts that challenge me while bringing great peace and happiness…”

Using oil paints on canvas, March depicts the joy and disillusionment of everyday life through the metaphor of common objects. Combining abstract and realist components, she attempts to reconcile the changeability of life.

You could see her works exhibited in Toronto, Montréal, New York or California. Now for the first time March will show her paintings in Muskoka.