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576 Simcoe Street North, Oshawa, Ontario

Lorne Wisebrod

As an artist, I am trying to open a dialogue with the viewer. My latest series of paintings and mixed media works explore the significance of the landscape and the world around us while attempting to define some universality of human experience. I try to capture the movement and energy in this contemporary life and the state of our modern world, whether it’s speeding out of control or presenting some sense of order. I combine photos I’ve taken and painting which could be acrylic, oil, encaustic or a combination of them. This is very much a manual procedure with a lot of painting in and around the photographs as opposed to a computer generated method. The photos are rarely related by location or era, some paintings can have several unrelated photos in them, by merging them with paint I hope to capture a larger perspective of both place and time. Ultimately, I want the spectator to come to their own conclusions, associations, and meanings.

Many of my paintings have a long germination period. Although this painting is very recent the images that triggered it go back a couple decades. When I first showed this painting a lot of people assumed it was tied into the current environmental movement and climatic change hypothesis. When I was in my teens I was shooting photos along this stretch of beach and came upon dead and rotting fish as far as the eye could see washed up on the shore. It made me think of all the chemicals and pollutants in our water and atmosphere, and our food chain. The progress and damage by industry for so many years and allowed by government according to their acceptable levels. The foresight does not seem to be there it’s like we are going forward in reverse.