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Dmitry Oivadis

About the Artist

Dmitry Oivadis was born in 1966 in Zhitomir, Ukraine. Dmitry graduated from the Zhitomir Art School, Ukraine (1982) and Minsk Art College, Byelorussia (1986). After completing his studies he continued as a teacher of Painting, Drawing, Composition and History of Art at Art school and College.

Dmitry started to experience and enjoy painting at the tender age of 7, and had the privilege of being able to study at an art studio in his hometown.  At the age of 12, the young artist Dmitry was accepted into art school, where he was taught by a deep admirer of ‘Plain Air and Nature’.  An inspired Dmitry eagerly absorbed the teacher’s love and dedication to the style, receiving the support and encouragement needed to forge down his own “bumpy road” into Plain Air and Landscape painting.  This was the trigger point for Dmitry’s ongoing work in bringing the outdoors to life on canvas.

Upon graduating from the Minsk Art College, Dmitry went on to teacher at the same art school, where he introduced Plain Air to his own students.  This was a very special time for Dmitry, as he loved sharing his knowledge and passion of Plain Air and Landscape painting with others.

In 1998, Dmitry, his wife and 9-year old son moved to Toronto, Canada.

From the moment he arrived in Canada, Dmitry was moved by the beautiful Canadian landscape, to which he felt an immediate connection.  Experiencing a sense of wonder and inspiration that he imagines the famed Group of Seven members must have felt, Dmitry began to focus his artistic interests into capturing the nature of his new homeland.

Whenever possible, Dmitry prefers to paint on location so he can transfer his connection to the surrounding landscape directly onto canvas. Even in winter, he will set up his easel outdoors and let the elements become a part of his painting. If time or weather prevents painting on site, Dmitry will sketch the scene, then later capture it on canvas in his studio.

Dmitry has participated in many selected group and solo, Regional and National exhibitions in various countries, showing and selling his work in galleries across the world. His oils and watercolor paintings can be found in private and corporate collections in the United States, Canada, England, Germany, Holland, France, Belgium, Israel, China, Australia, Singapore, Japan, Russia, and the Ukraine.

On the web his work can be viewed at

Nature is my Studio

My inspiration when painting is to capture life’s natural beauty and transfer it on to the canvas and bring it to life. I love the dramatic effects different types of natural light can create.  These effects are what I try to capture in my painting through the use of light, value and color. The magical way the light hits the subject makes for interesting colors and reflections. Capturing the moment and putting the energy and mood on canvas is always my end goal.  The dynamics of the ever-changing natural environment has an ability to inspire and fascinate! I am intrigued and inspired by compositions that bring the beauty of nature up close and personal. For me, it is all about light & shadow.  I get excited when the two create some drama in a particular scene.  There are times when you have to wait for the hour of the long shadow for this to happen.

When I pick a subject to paint, there is always an emotional mood and physical sensation and connection I feel to nature, that I want to share with my audience.

The interest to paint sunsets comes from the atmospheric ambience, which is created by the stillness of the air, the dramatic flow of colors that oozes from the sky, the vibrant oranges, and burnished bronzes coupled with the fluorescent blues and purples of the early evening sky.  The glow from the suns rays cover the rocks to bring the scene to life, while also creating the enchanting reflections on the water. The scene is powerful, yet at the same time peaceful.

My desire to reach out and touch the sun is immense, and it is this passion that allows me to paint these amazing sunsets.  My goal is to allow the audience to feel the same as I feel and to bring them to a beautiful place that would otherwise go unseen and forgotten.

The solidity emerging from the rocks, and the element of life indicated by the water, creates fascination and keeps me engulfed in my art.  When I am painting water, I am entranced by the light shimmering on the water and pushing its way through the trees creating reflections and movements.   Water is a calming element that is portrayed through many of my paintings.  The magic happens as the clouds drift over the trees and rock formations to create patterns and designs of their own.  Patience is something to be practiced as you wait until the time, and light, is right to put paint to canvas and create life!