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Atousa Foroohary

Artist Statement

"Capturing the world through my hands with the miracle of colors" is how Atousa Foroohary describes her goal of her creative endeavours. I have always felt that life is art and people who enjoy the beauty of life are artist, so lets do more art works together.


Atousa Foroohary was born in 1973 in the capital city of Iran, Tehran.

At a very young age, she started to learn fundamental courses of drawing and from the age of ten onwards, Atousa studied with several art teachers to enrich her knowledge about art, its history and different styles of painting. At age of 18 Atousa found out herself an art lover and one who needs to know more so joined art school to study art voraciously in various branches and began to painting professionally. Meanwhile studying she joined various juried, group and solo exhibitions which in some scored the prize of best artist and her paintings were scored best articles. During this time her painting was focused on figurative and portrait works, historical places, landscapes and still life. She was greedy looking to find out her favorite article of painting.

After immigrating to Canada in 2002, she was deeply impressed by magical Canadian landscapes and her artistic goal focused on creating works that are true to life, depicting an unspoiled world that is filled with energy and wonder, so her canvas exploded from outdoors perspective, rooted in Realism.

Atousa's works are presented in galleries throughout Ontario and by Agora gallery in New York City.


Working with Oil on Canvas, she layers both vibrant and muted tones to create a textured representation of a given scene, allowing color and depth to convey the shifting sunlight as it plays across natural features such as earth, water, plant life and sky.

Atousa gives her audience respite in virgin forests capes, quiet streams, park like settings and affectionate portraiture.

Though she clearly favours realism, resulting images are delightful, capable of transporting the viewer into the pristine and majestic world her brush skilfully depicts, a world inspired by the untouched beauty of the Canadian outdoors. Her hands are bridges between the apparent and the super sensible.